Christa Swartz


Christa Swartz, if anything, is a passionate communicator. Driven by an exceptional intimacy with Jesus Christ, Christa draws everyone in the room toward Him. Presenting His love in everyday language and examples that resonate, it is no wonder she has been asked to share at events for people of all ages and walks of life.

Growing up as a middle child in a home with no TV, somewhere out under the stars and fireflies, Christ wooed her and taught her a good many things about life and love and Himself as her Father and Friend. Let her take you on a journey back to that first moment you recognized Him. Let her remind you of how delicious His love is and how incredible His plans are for your surrendered life.

Currently booking events for 2019, a few weekends are still available in 2018 so let us know of your need through the CONTACT US form and we will get back with you!

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